Saturday, May 9, 2009

2+2=5 Drums, Bass and Guitar

So, The New Loud has been hard at work on our cover version of 2+2=5 by Radiohead. This week we finished up the drums, bass and guitar.

As most of you know, all our bass is sequenced. We tried a bass player - couldn't really find one that stuck, so, like so many other aspects in our lives - we left it to the machines.

In our minds 2+2=5 has 4 distinct parts that make up 2 halves of the song. The first half is building and somewhat floaty. The second half is very aggressive. When we were working on the bass we kept in mind the 2 halves. We retained a heavy/sub-bey low end for the first half and then made an abrupt switch to a very abrasive/sawtooth sound for the second half.

Here's the complete drums and bass parts:

Next up was Guitar!!

Here's my first stab at the guitar parts - a lot of which I kept on the final::..

If you're not familiar with 2+2=5, check it out here:

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