Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jessi's Blog - June 26th Show Recap Blogggggggg

The New Loud doesn't play all ages shows that often so it's definitely a nice change of pace when we do. It's a different atmosphere all together. The New Loud played its first all ages show in a long time this past Saturday here in Milwaukee at the Borg Ward.

The show kicked off with our friends in King's Horses. They did a great job in setting the mood for the night. They're recording right now and I can't wait to hear it! Their last song I swear sounded like a mix between the bands Glassjaw and This Will Destroy You. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me on this!

Second up was a band that Shane recently recorded called Ten Paces, Fire. They reminded me a lot of late era Get Up Kids mix with the instrumentation of Minus the Bear. They were really tight and they're delivery was impressive.

Third up was our friends from Indiana We Are Hex who awesome as usual! Jilly called me that afternoon and told me that they had a tire blow out and so it was touch and go all day for these guys, but they still came through. They showed up had had to basically load on and play right away. With that they still delivered a stellar set! We are Hex remind me of a cross between Siouxsie and the Banshees with Joan Jett stylized vocal delivery. All very cool bands.

We closed the show out. Due to the humidity Shane decided to play without his shirt. This set the tone for our entire set. We used the being uncomfortable because of the humidity to our advantage. Our delivery felt real intense. After we were done playing Shane came up to me as I was drinking some water and said "Once I started doing windmills I just couldn't stop". Within an hour his finger tips were completely bruised.

I ended up hanging out with King's Horses after the show in the garage of the venue. That's another nice thing about playing an all ages show - it's done early enough that you can actually hang. The show wrapped up around 11:30P and there left plenty of time to post show relax. The show went smoother than ever and couldn't have been more fun!

Again, please take the time to check out King's Horses, Ten Paces, Fire and We Are Hex. I swear you won't be disappointed!