Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FREE EP Download 1 WEEK!!!!

Hey Everyone,

The New Loud music video for 'Heaven' went up on March 10. 10 days after we reach 1000 plays. 10 days after that we reached 3000 plays - double the amount of plays in the first 10 day span!

We want to say thank you by offering our new EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing' to everyone for FREE for 1 Week!

Go here and click 'Download Album'!

Chicago show on Thursday April 1st!
Denver and Omaha in May!

BIG, BIG THANKS, everybody!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Loud - New Press - 2010.03.17

Press for The New Loud Live Performances:
"a mesmerizing live experience I would recommend to anyone willing to lend an ear to music that sounds not only groundbreaking, but decadently powerful."
-Chris DeSalvo for Consequence of Sound

"The New Loud isn't so much loud as it is frenetic and intense. (the
band) has melodies and harmonies shooting from every part of the stage.
It's a punkish, New Wave-y, dance-y sound reminiscent of Pavement,
Rancid and Franz Ferdinand."
-L. Bose for MKE Magazine

Press for The New Loud EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing':
"the band’s mesmerizing sonic twists and turns defy musical trends and prove to be truly solid songs, well-written and well-executed."
-Jay Ziegler for Consequence of Sound

"'Can't Stop Not Knowing' deserves to make them big news and see them rise up from an underground phenomenon and break into the mainstream"
-Big Cheese - UK

"they remind me of Duran Duran in their heyday"
-Monochrom - Austria

"Frantic and powerful, the tracks are packed good hooks and harmonies
-Andrew Gable for ZapTown

"synth-punk sharp and nervous, which mingles Rapture, Shitdisco and Les Savy Fav"
-Francesco Giordani for Ondarock - Italy

"a sense of humor not unlike that of Imperial Teen or the B-52s, along with a wellspring of passion and contagious New Order beats"
-Mary Leary for The San Diego Reader

"they effortlessly switch from trance infused synths and atmospherics into straight up garage punk. The New Loud are one of the most original bands that you are likely to hear, so check them out."
-John Brookes for Planet-Loud.com

Press for The New Loud demo 'ME(secrets)YOU':
"let's just say ME(secrets)YOU can sit comfortably on the same shelf with (The Killers') Hot Fuss and The Bravery."
-Steve Hyden for The Onion AV Club

"Part weirdness of Sparks, part grit of Payola$, part killer dance of The Bravery and part insistent hook craftsmanship of XTC"
-Sean Leary for Amplifier Magazine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Loud - 'Heaven' Music Video

Hey Everyone,

Check out our new video!

The New Loud performing 'Heaven'.

'Heaven' is the 2nd single from The New Loud EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing' Produced by Shane Olivo, Mixed by Mark Trombino releasing February 2010.

It also appears on a limited edition clear vinyl 12" with 3 Mad Professor remixes available March 2010


Directed by: Jack Packard
First Unit Director: Mike Stoklasa
Big Unit Director: Brad Poglitsch

Live band footage shot at the Historic Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI.

Extra special thanks to Shaku Mays and Jeremy Pettis.