Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 Million Dollars For Milwaukee Schools

Hey everyone!


Kohl's is running a contest to give away 10 Million dollars to 20 schools($500k each) throughout the US. Milwaukee has 2 schools in the top 100. 

My roommate has setup a contest to give away 5 brand new XBOX 360 Slims to 5 random people who vote for the Milwaukee, WI school St Marcus Lutheran.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Secret Weapon For Staying Focused


Here are my 11 goals from Summer 2009:
1. Put More Money Into The Band
2. Be a Better Leader
3. Learn to Let Go of Duties/Delegate More
4. Learn How to Edit Videos
5. Make a Video Blog Once a Month
6. Figure Out How To Use Laptop for Sequencing/Lighting
7. Be In Good Shape for Shows Always
8. Have 10 New Songs By Next Summer
9. Work With Radish and Jessi on Vocals More Often
10. Work to Make My Voice Less Nasally
11. Pursue Harmony In Vocal More

Not the interview I was talking about, but a good history of the term Straight Edge.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music Video for The New Loud's Remix of Shunda K's New Single

The New Loud recently remixed a track for female rapper, Shunda K. The New Loud remix was one of 3 that were featured on her CD single 'Here I Am To Save The World' (featuring Cindy Wonderful). The remix video was directed by Jack Packard who also shot the music videos for The New Loud singles: 'Don't Dance', 'Heaven' and 'Secrets'.

The video depicts a man suiting up in everyday superhero garb, ala the new comic book turned movie, 'Kick-Ass'. He begins taking on various street criminals, before becoming drunk with his own power, eventually causing him to do more harm than good. The video features a DIY reverse-snoori cam harness to create the look of a 3rd person shooter video game - similar to Xbox's 'Gears of War'. The reverse-snoori cam is the first of its kind, imagined and realized by Packard himself. The video was shot in one take on-location on the bustling KK Avenue in Bay View Milwaukee, WI.

Jessi's Blog - The Movie 'The Road' Stole a Little Piece of My Soul In A Good Way

As we work on new material for the band I've had some down time and have been catching up on my movie queue! The other night I watched The Road. The Road is about a man (Viggo Mortensen) and his son trekking their way through a post apocalyptic United States. I really enjoyed the cinematography of this film. There were these long shots of father and son walking through these once populous cities, now abandoned. There were these intense overhead shots of what was once a wooded area that now housed only dead trees or ships that were settled in what was once a great body of water. While some may not agree with me, the colors in this movie are brilliant. The dark yellows and greens used to symbolize death was absolutely breathtaking.

What I also found interesting is that the son was born into this world. He never knew any other way of life. All he knew was this world in which everything was dying, where food is scarce and you learn at an early age that there are good guys and bad guys. One scene that I found touching was when the father and son come across an abandoned building. Inside there's a soda machine and the father is able to get a soda out for his son. He opens it up and the son asks what it is. The father tells him that it's a treat just for him. The son tries soda for the first time and wants nothing more than to share this special moment with his father.

They have this amazing bond that you see throughout the film. When they're helping each other bathe or reading together by candlelight it's so apparent that they only have each other and they're fine with that. Now there are flashbacks to when the mother was still present, but she left because it was too difficult for her to deal with the reality of what had become of the world. So one night she left while her son slept and just walked into the night. While the father had a difficult time letting go at first he began to realize that she was never coming back and that he had to let that part of him go. There's this fairly emotional scene where he wakes up after having a dream about her and walks over to this bridge, takes one final look at his only photo of her and tosses it over the bridge. Then he takes his wedding ring off and can't bring himself to throw that over so he slides it to the edge and leaves it there.

********SPOILER ALERT********

There were two scenes that nearly broke me. There was a flashback to when they had to destroy the family piano to use it for firewood. For me that was a major transition in the story as far as survival goes. It had finally gotten to the point where they needed to start doing whatever they could in order to survive. It was the beginning of what was to become their reality. And then there was the scene when the father dies. It takes two days for the son to leave his side. The death wasn't drawn out nor was it a huge production. They went to sleep one night and the father never woke up.

This movie made a huge impact on me and has now become one of my favorite movies of 2009.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jessi's Blog - June 26th Show Recap Blogggggggg

The New Loud doesn't play all ages shows that often so it's definitely a nice change of pace when we do. It's a different atmosphere all together. The New Loud played its first all ages show in a long time this past Saturday here in Milwaukee at the Borg Ward.

The show kicked off with our friends in King's Horses. They did a great job in setting the mood for the night. They're recording right now and I can't wait to hear it! Their last song I swear sounded like a mix between the bands Glassjaw and This Will Destroy You. Sounds weird, I know, but trust me on this!

Second up was a band that Shane recently recorded called Ten Paces, Fire. They reminded me a lot of late era Get Up Kids mix with the instrumentation of Minus the Bear. They were really tight and they're delivery was impressive.

Third up was our friends from Indiana We Are Hex who awesome as usual! Jilly called me that afternoon and told me that they had a tire blow out and so it was touch and go all day for these guys, but they still came through. They showed up had had to basically load on and play right away. With that they still delivered a stellar set! We are Hex remind me of a cross between Siouxsie and the Banshees with Joan Jett stylized vocal delivery. All very cool bands.

We closed the show out. Due to the humidity Shane decided to play without his shirt. This set the tone for our entire set. We used the being uncomfortable because of the humidity to our advantage. Our delivery felt real intense. After we were done playing Shane came up to me as I was drinking some water and said "Once I started doing windmills I just couldn't stop". Within an hour his finger tips were completely bruised.

I ended up hanging out with King's Horses after the show in the garage of the venue. That's another nice thing about playing an all ages show - it's done early enough that you can actually hang. The show wrapped up around 11:30P and there left plenty of time to post show relax. The show went smoother than ever and couldn't have been more fun!

Again, please take the time to check out King's Horses, Ten Paces, Fire and We Are Hex. I swear you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jessi's Blog - Favorite Making of Moments of 'Get Lost' Music Video

If someone were to ask me what my favorite part of making this video was I would have to say how physical it was. It was an all around different experience for us. We were taken out of our comfort zones and were told to not only run around this huge building's basement, but to act. Anyone that knows us knows that this was quite the feat! We also worked with a completely different crew than we have on any our 3 previous videos. That also took us out of our comfort zones since we had become accustomed to working with them. This also proved to be a positive for us though as we were almost able to step out of ourselves and become exactly what the director imagined for this video. That director being our good and very talented friend Jason Kraynek. We met Jason at one of our Chicago shows a few years back. He came to the show without knowing any of us and from that night on we were friends. He shot some photos of us that night and said to let him know the next time we were coming down to play a show and we could meet up and do an actual shoot. That's just what we did. Those turned out great, so when he asked to do a video with us there was no doubt in our minds that it was going to be awesome!

So check out the latest New Loud video 'Get Lost'! Special thanks to Jason K, Jeremy, Sebastien, Ted, John, Jelena, Colin and Marion!

'Get Lost' on The Evil Dead Fan Website!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Loud - Get Lost - Music Video

The New Loud performing Get Lost

'Get Lost'
is the 3rd single from The New Loud LP 'Measures Melt' Produced by Shane Olivo, Mixed by Mark Trombino released June 2010. Music video directed, written and edited by jacenK.

Camera: Sebastien Audinelle, jacenK
Steadicam: Sebastien Audinelle
Gaffer: Ted Nimz
Grip: Colin Jones
Puppet Masters: Jelena Kreitmayer, John Rodriguez, Ted Nimz, jacenK
Crew: Marion Audinelle, Jelena Kreitmayer, John Rodriguez
Titles: Jeremy Pettis

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jessi's Blog - Pridefest Recap!

Pridefest in Milwaukee is quite the experience. There's definitely something there for everyone. Whether you're there for the music, food, or just plain people watching - you're in a for a great time!

We arrive at the Summerfest grounds where the fest is held at 10:30am. We are supposed to head straight to the restricted parking lot (which is half way across the fest). We realize that there's no way we would be able to carry all of our gear across the fest to the Dance pavilion where we're supposed to be playing in an hour and a half, so Rad went to hunt down a golf cart or shuttle to help in loading our gear. While we're waiting for him to get back a guy pulls up in a golf cart and asks if we need any help getting to our stage. We of course take him up on this offer! We got to know our golf cart escort, Jason, real well on our 6 trips back and forth from the van to the stage. This was his first time at Pridefest also and he told me that he was super-impressed by how welcoming and genuinely nice all the people were. He's from Chicago and said that with this positive experience he'll definitely make the trip back next year!

So we're all loaded onto the stage and the soundcheck runs smoothly thanks to our sound guy Nick and Pridefest's sound guy Brian Miller. This being our first time playing the fest we wanted to make sure that we sounded the absolute best we could. I ended up heading back to the van with Jason's help to pick up the two extra speakers that we brought along just in case. The sound was incredible for playing such a large stage! Everything was crystal clear.

Due to our Sunday noon slot - the first of the day - there weren't too many people there, but once we started people began to filter through. We got a decent response especially for the early time slot. We ran straight through our 30 minute set with very little stopping. I remember thinking 'didn't we just finish our second song and now we're almost done?!'. We wrap up and our new buddy Jason was waiting to help us load everything back to the van. He was able to catch our set and said he really enjoyed our funky dance sound. So we take our 6 or 7 trips back and forth from the stage to the van watching the different bands as we pass by on our golf cart.

Nick and I made a plan to head back to watch Shunda K at 4:30pm on the same stage we just got done playing on. The New Loud just finished a remix for a Shunda K song called 'Here I am to save the world'. Not only was she super nice and wants to get together for some dual touring, but she tore it up on stage! It was great to finally get the opportunity to meet her as she's from Florida and we don't get there too often.

Nick and I walked around and checked out the different booths and stages before the rain came. Luckily the rain held off until we were ready to leave.

This was our first year playing Pridefest and I already can't wait until next year!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Measures Melt - Street Voice UK Review

THE NEW LOUD - Measures Melt: The New Loud impressed me with their last EP
and now they've done it again with the release of their debut album. The
indie-electro-punk sound with dual male / female vocals is sure to be a hit
this summer as these are another band that can easily target both the
commercial and indie lovers of music. I'd be surprised if this didn't go
down well in clubs up and down the country too! New Loud leader Steve Olivo
has created something very cool by bringing all these great musicians and
having them gel so well. If you don't believe me when I say just how good
this band are then check out tracks such as 'Secrets', 'Wrapped In Plastic',
'Out Of Control' and 'Every Girl I See'. You couldn't wish to hear better
songs this summer and I don't say that lightly either!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FREE EP Download 1 WEEK!!!!

Hey Everyone,

The New Loud music video for 'Heaven' went up on March 10. 10 days after we reach 1000 plays. 10 days after that we reached 3000 plays - double the amount of plays in the first 10 day span!

We want to say thank you by offering our new EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing' to everyone for FREE for 1 Week!

Go here and click 'Download Album'!

Chicago show on Thursday April 1st!
Denver and Omaha in May!

BIG, BIG THANKS, everybody!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The New Loud - New Press - 2010.03.17

Press for The New Loud Live Performances:
"a mesmerizing live experience I would recommend to anyone willing to lend an ear to music that sounds not only groundbreaking, but decadently powerful."
-Chris DeSalvo for Consequence of Sound

"The New Loud isn't so much loud as it is frenetic and intense. (the
band) has melodies and harmonies shooting from every part of the stage.
It's a punkish, New Wave-y, dance-y sound reminiscent of Pavement,
Rancid and Franz Ferdinand."
-L. Bose for MKE Magazine

Press for The New Loud EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing':
"the band’s mesmerizing sonic twists and turns defy musical trends and prove to be truly solid songs, well-written and well-executed."
-Jay Ziegler for Consequence of Sound

"'Can't Stop Not Knowing' deserves to make them big news and see them rise up from an underground phenomenon and break into the mainstream"
-Big Cheese - UK

"they remind me of Duran Duran in their heyday"
-Monochrom - Austria

"Frantic and powerful, the tracks are packed good hooks and harmonies
-Andrew Gable for ZapTown

"synth-punk sharp and nervous, which mingles Rapture, Shitdisco and Les Savy Fav"
-Francesco Giordani for Ondarock - Italy

"a sense of humor not unlike that of Imperial Teen or the B-52s, along with a wellspring of passion and contagious New Order beats"
-Mary Leary for The San Diego Reader

"they effortlessly switch from trance infused synths and atmospherics into straight up garage punk. The New Loud are one of the most original bands that you are likely to hear, so check them out."
-John Brookes for

Press for The New Loud demo 'ME(secrets)YOU':
"let's just say ME(secrets)YOU can sit comfortably on the same shelf with (The Killers') Hot Fuss and The Bravery."
-Steve Hyden for The Onion AV Club

"Part weirdness of Sparks, part grit of Payola$, part killer dance of The Bravery and part insistent hook craftsmanship of XTC"
-Sean Leary for Amplifier Magazine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The New Loud - 'Heaven' Music Video

Hey Everyone,

Check out our new video!

The New Loud performing 'Heaven'.

'Heaven' is the 2nd single from The New Loud EP 'Can't Stop Not Knowing' Produced by Shane Olivo, Mixed by Mark Trombino releasing February 2010.

It also appears on a limited edition clear vinyl 12" with 3 Mad Professor remixes available March 2010

Directed by: Jack Packard
First Unit Director: Mike Stoklasa
Big Unit Director: Brad Poglitsch

Live band footage shot at the Historic Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI.

Extra special thanks to Shaku Mays and Jeremy Pettis.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The New Loud - track 1 on Paris playlist!

The New Loud version of '2 + 2 = 5' is the 1st track from this French playilst/radio show:
Radio Campus Paris

Also on the playlist Xiu Xiu, Leonard Cohen, Grizzly Bear!

If you missed our blog dedicated to the creation of our cover of '2 + 2= 5' by Radiohead you can find it here: The New Loud - 2 + 2 = 5 Blog

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The New Loud - New Merch Store Up!!!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know we now have a brand new merch store up. You can now buy all our t-shirts/CDs/Pins/stickers online. It is through Big Cartel, so, it is super secure and we can now take orders with or without a Paypal account.

Check it out here:

Also up for sale is our brand new EP, 'Can't Stop Not Knowing', which doesn't technically release until February 23rd, but you can buy one from our store right now!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stream 4 Tracks from The New Loud's Upcoming EP

Hey Everyone,

You can now stream the 1st 4 tracks from The New Loud's upcoming EP, 'Can't Stop Not Knowing' here:

The New Loud - Myspace
The New Loud - iLike
The New Loud - Pure Volume
The New Loud - ReverbNation

Check them out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Loud's 'Don't Dance' Video is HERE!!!!

Hey Everyone,

The New Loud's 1st official music video is finished. Check it out:

The New Loud
'Don't Dance'

Directed by: Jack Packard
First Assistant Director: Jay Bauman
First Assistant to the First Assistant Director: Brad Poglitsch
Rocketeer: Mike Stoklasa

Extra special thanks: Shaku Mays and Jeremy Pettis.
Special thanks to featured dancers: Kristen and Mark from Fred Astaire Dance Studio Mequon, The UW Milwaukee BBOY Scene, MiMi Chatlain, The Walworth County Cloggers, Rebecca Brodie and Adam Baus of Brew City Hops and everyone who showed up to The Cactus Club shoot.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Loud - New Press

Hey Everyone,

The New Loud
just picked 8 of our favorite all time songs for 'My Secret Playlist' - Liz Phair, XTC, The Time and more! - Check out The New Loud's Playlist here!

Be sure to read the comments underneath the story as I posted some Youtube links to tracks that weren't readily available as internet audio files.

We've also been getting some pretty good press overseas check it out:
Cracked at Monchrom - Austria
'Can't Stop Not Knowing' EP - 4 out of 5 stars in Italy!
'Don't Dance' Song of the Week in Germany!

Coming up!
'Don't Dance' Video Coming Soon!
'Can't Stop Not Knowing' EP Releases in February 2010
Milwaukee/Madison Shows Coming Up!