Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music Video for The New Loud's Remix of Shunda K's New Single

The New Loud recently remixed a track for female rapper, Shunda K. The New Loud remix was one of 3 that were featured on her CD single 'Here I Am To Save The World' (featuring Cindy Wonderful). The remix video was directed by Jack Packard who also shot the music videos for The New Loud singles: 'Don't Dance', 'Heaven' and 'Secrets'.

The video depicts a man suiting up in everyday superhero garb, ala the new comic book turned movie, 'Kick-Ass'. He begins taking on various street criminals, before becoming drunk with his own power, eventually causing him to do more harm than good. The video features a DIY reverse-snoori cam harness to create the look of a 3rd person shooter video game - similar to Xbox's 'Gears of War'. The reverse-snoori cam is the first of its kind, imagined and realized by Packard himself. The video was shot in one take on-location on the bustling KK Avenue in Bay View Milwaukee, WI.

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