Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why Your Language Sucks! OR I Had a Dream

I woke up today remembering this strange dream that I had with my friend Dez in it. I was msg'ing her the details of the dream when I started thinking: explaining personal dreams is strange. There's so many details that can't begin to be accounted for including your emotions in the dream and their history and your actions in the dream and their history. You can describe the dream at face value, but it doesn't really begin to scratch the surface.

This made me begin to think of reality and how people's realities are as different as the dreams they have. I have my reality where on Monday I spent almost the whole day in bed. You may have your reality where you have to go a job everyday. My friend is in Iowa right now playing video games at his Grandma's house because he just got out of a mental hospital in Taiwan - so there's that reality too. Then I started thinking that all language, no matter which one, is a really shitty way to convey even realities that are 'acceptable'; ones that are more or less based around the framework of society. Then I started wondering if that was the point of not only society and language but money, etc. Its kind of like this giant funnel that passes a bunch of people through so their realities more or less line up and they are able to communicate with each other to the degree that it 'makes sense'.

Then I started wondering "But what about the other realities? What about the people off grid? People just living in a mountain somewhere. People who just got back from mental hospitals in Taiwan." I wondered if there's a way to communicate with them that isn't language based; something where the sharing of the mind is a more whole  and complete experience.

Then I stopped and wrote all this down in language, which takes a really long time to convert the raw thoughts into words, then type them out, finally proof reading it. I wrote this all down in language that will miss a large part of the feeling I was having when I wanted to share it. So....

Happy Wednesday!

The New Loud

The dream I had with Dez.
I was trying to sneak these photobooks through courthouse security. I also stole some evidence tags. I had to pay to take the photobooks through. The photobooks were $8. I was really nervous about the evidence tags, but when the guard saw them he didn't really pay too much attention. When I reached in my pocket for money, I had my driver's license and Dez' driver's license. I thought about meeting her for lunch in the courthouse cafeteria. My next thought was "I should show Dez how to do a battle cry." And then I imagined her throwing back her head in the courthouse cafeteria and shouting "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" into the heavens. 

Then I thought to myself "well... maybe not at lunch." That was the last thing that happened before I woke up.

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