Saturday, August 8, 2009

2+2=5 is D.O.N.E.

The New Loud has finally finished up the Radiohead cover we've been hard at work on for the past few months. This will be the last blog dedicated to it EVER!

Before the final blog, Jessi has a quick message in reference to her last video:

There you have it! Back to 2+2=5!

This week the focus will be on the vocals. Because Thom Yorke has such a wide range to his vocals from his lower voice to his falsetto-ey upper register,
we decided to split the vocals up between Jessi and I with Jessi handling all the upper register parts and me taking care of the lower parts.

The Radiohead song is separated by 4 parts in 2 distinct halves. The first half is drone-y and quiet while the second half is loud and aggressive. In order to differentiate the 2 halves even more we decided to split the singing in half between Jessi and I.

For the end of the song we decided to do some crew vocals with all 3 of us shouting. Radish ends up getting a little TOO into it - LOL!!!

So without further ado. Here is The New Loud's complete version of 2+2=5 by Radiohead:

Special thanks to everyone who checked out all four blogs!!! If you haven't yet, you can still do so. They show you step by step how the song came together. Hope you enjoyed it! Please take a moment and check out the links at the bottom.


Radish Beat gives some additional insight into how he perceives the lyrics to the song and America in general:

If you're not familiar with the original Radiohead song, 2+2=5, check it out here:

Here's a link to the Radiohead comp page:

Here's a link to the good blokes that hooked us up:
Mr Russia -

Last but definitely NOT LEAST - Subscribe to The New Loud's vlogging mentor:
Miltownkid -

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