Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tai Chi Camp 2009 Pt.1

Hey Everyone,

Shane from The New Loud here. In July 2009, I went with my Tai Chi teacher to a Tai Chi camp on Vancouver Island for 7 days. Throughout the trip I kept a blog going that I'll post here. Check it out if you're interested. We have some cool exciting band news coming up soon, but we won't be able to make any official announcements for at least a few weeks. Until then, enjoy these Tai Chi trip blogs.

It was a rough night, but we're finally on our way. I had everything packed and together by about 11:30 PM. I decided to take a shower and out of nowhere my allergies struck. Sneezing - probably 50-60 times - in the shower, so I know its not contact allergies - must've been something I took in. A low grade asthma attack starts and my eyes are like blood: solid red. Jessi convinces me to lay down to try to calm down. Try to curb the attack. With my chest too tight to take breaths from, I slowly start breathing, low below my intestines up through my stomach expanding my diaphragm. Tai Chi type breathing. Singing breathing. Soon some of the symptoms are beginning to subside enough to fall asleep.

Casey/Miltownkid/Master Payne got to my house at about 8 AM. We hung out for a minute before loading up the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Casey is my Tai Chi teacher. He's also a social networking master. Casey won this contest Ford was running: He and 99 other YouTubers have a prototype Fiesta, due to hit American streets next year.
6 Months.
Free Gas.
Free Insurance. Go anywhere you want. Just stay in the lower 48 and complete a goofy blogging 'mission' once a month. Like this:

As Jessi and I are taking the last of my luggage out to the car. By habit, I lock the front door and bring it closed. Neither Jessi nor I have keys. My Grandfather, who lives in the other flat, is out.


After we assess the situation, we decide to hang out and wait until Gramps comes back. Turns out he was just at the store. He's 83 and still walks to the grocery store 8 blocks away. The wait isn't very long at all.

He opens up the door to the house. Jessi is relieved. She didn't have to work today, but didn't necessarily want to spend the whole day in her pajamas in the side yard.

We told my Grandfather we were heading toward Canada by way of Seattle, WA. Before we left he told us this story:

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