Thursday, October 8, 2009

And The Mix/Remix Engineers Are....

Hey Everyone,

Shane here from The New Loud here. We will be releasing 2 records next year - EP, LP. These records are different than anything else we've attempted to create before as we've brought in someone the band greatly admires to mix them as opposed to handling all the recording/mixing ourselves. It became very clear to me that while recording these records I needed another person's input especially when it came to the mixing process. Up until that point I had tried to mix a few of the songs myself and everything was a compromise. We've been playing some of these songs in one form or another for years and it was really hard to make accurate mix judgments after hearing them probably close to 1,000 times each. These upcoming recordings are very important to us and in some respects represent a lifetime of work in music for ourselves. So the band sat down and I suggested if I could pick one person to mix who that would be.

The person I chose was Mark Trombino. He was my first pick and we're all super excited that he was into our band enough to take on the job. Mark has done all the Jimmy Eat World records up to and including Bleed American, Dude Ranch by Blink 182 and What It Is to Burn by Finch to name a few. I really admired Mark's mixing style as the recording always have a super-tight low-end and they are very polished yet retain an aggressiveness that probably stems from his salad days as a drummer in the early 90's San Diego punk scene. We believe, especially after having heard some of the 1st mix drafts, that the choice was perfect.

After we got Mark on board we had the mind to add a remix of one of the songs to the EP. We followed the same instinct we used when debating the prospect of mix engineer: Pick the first person we would want and try and get in contact with them. No dub-style remix engineer resonates with me as much as Mad Professor. His work with Massive Attack is just mind-blowing - No Protection is an absolutely amazing record. So we contacted him and were blown away when he accepted to work with us on our track.

All 3 of us cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have been working on so hard over the past year (or 5 for that matter). More details soon.

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  1. sweetness, kudos to you all. did jessie talk to you about the video?