Friday, October 2, 2009

New New Loud Release Details

The New Loud is totally pumped to announce that in 2010 we will be releasing an EP followed shortly after by a LP. We've put a lot into these releases over the last year or so and we're stoked to finally announce. We'll have more definitive dates as time presses on but expect the EP to launch in January/February and the full-length to follow a few months later. There will only be 1 shared track between the 2 releases. Otherwise expect about 15 newly recorded New Loud tracks including some cool bonus mixes.

Over the past couple months you may have read tweets about a special mix engineer that is working on both the releases with us. We will be announcing who it is next week, but for those of you who are interested in trying to guess: the engineer's initials are M.T. and we are all SUPER STOKED to have him aboard with us on both releases.

In other news our CMJ slot is solidified. Check out our website or Myspace for details.

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