Thursday, May 2, 2013

Letting Go, Bike Riding

I rode my bike today for the first time in like 2 years. I didn't ride much last year, too damn hot and when it wasn't it seemed too cold - lol.

Anyway I rode down to the lake today and back. While I ride my bike, sometimes all over town, I don't consider myself a 'bike-rider' - I don't have a bike suit or a bike with gears (60's Schwinn with coaster brakes) or even a helmet (probably should get one of those).

I feel like a bike ride through traffic is an excellent way to practice 'letting go'. People drive poorly, they don't pay attention a lot - they're on their phone or distracted by their destination. They're definitely not paying attention to me on my bike. They cut me off or they ride stupid close. I've even had someone yell that I should be on the sidewalk - which is precisely where bikes should NOT be.

Anyway, stuff happens, stuff I can't control... I get pissed... I want to catch up to them and spit on their car or kick it or yell some shit at them, but their car is much faster than my bike, especially MY bike. I think "Wait until they get stopped at that light, Ima catch up and then SHIT IS GOING DOWN!!!!"

But that never happens. Their light is always on a repetition ahead of mine or they turn. So there's nothing to do except let it go. "Whatever!" Sometimes I try and put myself in their shoes, maybe they're having an emergency, maybe someone is hurt or their wife is pregnant and about to have a baby, maybe they just had a bad day and they just want to be home. I can't say.

am not.

I guess feel like I'm progressing because I'm getting less and less worked up by these situations. Most times the revenge scenario isn't even fully developed before I just drop it from my mind. Which feels a lot better than trying to catch something I'm never going to catch to create a situation that probably shouldn't be created.

-The New Loud

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